Rigging services

Our rigging department exceeds industry standards and can  solve your next rigging need from planning and execution to completion. McRay  Crane & Rigging's  personnel are certified and have 25 years or moreexperience in a variety of  rigging jobs. We have the ability to lift, relocate, set and align equipment of  all types such as chillers, boilers, manufacturing equipment, etc. We can also  load and unload heavy aircraft cargo, medical equipment such as linear  accelerators, C.T.'s, MRI's and Simulators for radiation  oncology. Our mobile team ofrigging personnel allow us to cover most of the  southern states. 

The Following is a partial list of our rigging equipment;

  • 8,000 to 80,000 Forklifts
  • 100 Ton Jacking System
  • Air Skates, Machinery Skates, and Non-Marking Skates.
  • A variety of rigging gear from slings to specialty lifting equipment, all stocked in our custom designed rigging trucks and trailers.

crane rental services

McRay Crane and Rigging owns and operates an extensive rental fleet of mobile truck cranes ranging in lifting capacity from 18 to 250 tons.  We meticulously maintain our equipment to ensure the utmost in safety and reliabiity. Equally as important, we employ some of the most talented, highly skilled professionals in the crane and rigging industry.

Whatever it Takes!

Every job is different and presents a unique set of challenges. We bring a "whatever it takes" attitude to every job site. Our experienced staff will help you find solutions to even the most complicated problems. We are here to help you every step of the way, from planning to completion.

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